Momma Time

On Tuesday morning I caught a 9:00 flight to visit my mom. I was so excited since I hadn't seen her for awhile. We went and had lunch together and had lovely conversation.
Isn't it wonderful how mom's have a way of stearing us back on course?  My mom has very strong "mom intuition", always has.  And even without me telling her of concerns or issues in our lives, (some that may seem trivial), she seems to always know.  So seeing and spending time with my mom isn't just something I'm supposed to do, it's what I need to do so that she can help me get back in line.  Kinda like coloring and staying inside the lines, that's what she does.  She's my guide in keeping me straight and I love that!

With her wisdom and quiet manner she approaches subjects without making us feel like she's being intrusive and I could only hope that I may be just as diplomatic using her approach. 
One of our conversations happened to be the topic of raising kids.  I told her that I'm not a grandma yet but I can see how at times when your kids are raising their own kids, it's difficult to sit back and watch their mistakes in childrearing.  I told her that not once while raising my kids did she ever question, interfere or try to tell me how to.  I wouldn't have minded because I value her opinion and she's a great mom. I was just curious as to why and I quess I wanted to know how difficult that was for her to see/watch and not say anything.  She simply said, "I didn't tell you anything because you are a great mom and you were doing everything right.  You raised your kids the way I raised you and you can't go wrong with that." Of course that brought tears to my eyes because anyone who is a mom knows it's no day at the park.  With that role come many trials, days when you feel you've lost all your sanity, it can be overwhelming and trying.  And I believe in the back of our minds, (at least mine), you fully qualified am I for this job?  Plus, the fact that this world is totally different from the one I grew up in and we all have more challenges to derail us.

When I had my daughter my mom was really concerned because I decided to have my kids very close together (18 months apart).  She told me how she didn't know how I would manage because I didn't have family nearby that could pitch in and help us.  I was really shocked when she told me that because, this coming from a lady who raised a very big family, with very little help.  So I felt over time that she might really have meant it as a challenge so that I would prove to her that I could and would, actually do it.  I'm always up for a challenge!  Of course it wasn't easy having two little ones but we managed and for the most part I think I, (and Dan), did a pretty good job.  But don't get me wrong, just as my mom believes, God has to play the bigger role in everything-especially in raising a family.  HE is the source of strength and guidance.  Because of my moms faith I have been able to overcome obstacles and focus on what type of mom I should be. 

With that said, goodness!  I have been blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life.
When they dropped me off at the airport, mom said..."in the morning I'll wake up and think I had a dream that my daughter came to see me and I had lunch with her, and then she was gone."

No dream~ totally wonderful just like you Mom!


Kathy said...

What a wonderful and moving post! I think full appreciation of our moms really happens when we are in that position also. And now I am watching one of mine being a wonderful mom! Wow...

Belle Jaeger said...

Thank you Kathy and that is so true. We are so blessed to be able to see them grow up and see what they become. I anxiously await a time when I can see them become parents themselves. Stay blessed and thank you for reading! Belle