updates on the jaeger cottage

First off people, maintain your dwelling. It's amazing to me how many people don't take care of their homes. I guess it's one of those things that gets taken for granted- unless you don't have one. We have had to do a lot of little repairs, cleaning, & maintaining things that the previous homeowners did not. These are simple and minor things that should have been looked after but weren't. I understand not everyone is knowledgeable or handy but nowadays there are so many sites that can help you diy. To fill you in...the guest bath was draining slow so Dan had me pick up some drano at the grocery store but before he poured it down the drain he took the little "cap thing" off and he found a bandaid, a lego, and lots of other crud in there. Now our bath is draining just fine! Funny but at our previous home right after we moved in, the upstairs toilet was stopping up. Dan and his brother removed it and checked it out and found a plastic spoon lodged in there. Why?
Back to this place though...several outlets were not working throughout the house, (thank goodness Dan is such a handy man), he repaired and replaced them. Friday, we had the AT&T guy out because our dsl wasn't working properly, he went up in the attic and he said the lines were masacred up there. A non-professional had hacked the lines attempting to run them themselves. Learn how to do it or hire a pro if you're not confident in doing it!
So now we have DSL, our outlets and drains working properly and Dan installed the new dishwasher and the dining room chandelier (plus medallion that I painted), on Saturday with my help of course! We are moving right along.

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