Are you on medications?

Finally found us a dentist and I'm pretty pleased with her so far.  It was a hard thing to go in with an open mind when my previous dentist was our dr. for 27 years and he was fabulous.  I find it interesting that people give me a strange look when they ask me what type of medications I'm on and my response is "none."  When did it become awkward for someone not to be on drugs or medications?

I pride myself in that feat.  I was asked the same question by an acquaintance the other day and my first thought was...none of your business but then again I don't have anything to hide but find it a personal question regardless, unless your my doctor which she was not. She was shocked when I told her none and then even after filling out the questionnaire at the dentist today, the dentist asked me again what I was taking. She kind of looked puzzled. Really? You have one patient out of however many and I'm the only one saying "none"?
I've lived pretty much all my life with headaches and my family can tell you that I am the most stubborn about taking tylenol or anything else for them.  I really don't like drugs.

Then when I went to the pharmacy a couple of times in the last two weeks to get Dan some medication for  tooth issues, I was shocked at how many people are waiting in line to pick up or dropping off their prescriptions.  Wow!  And, I've always given thanks to God for being healthy but even so much more now that it seems to be the norm to be on all kinds of medication for what ails them or helps them make it through the day.

I thank GOD and will continue to do so, and I pray that I will remain one without the use of drugs and be happy when they ask me, what drugs are you taking?

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