my gratefulness

Hi readers!  I am taking time from visiting my kids to give thanks for all the blessings our good LORD and Saviour has blessed us with.
While I take inventory on the daily blessings that God has granted, I am giving thanks for the year of blessings that my famil and I have received.
God has given me another year of great health, the ability to travel to see my kids, a job I love and a wonderful family.
I thank my good LORD for:
  • my kids who are a constant inspiration to me
  • Jacob for being so dog-gone talented but beyond that, his strength!  The love and kindness he shows to everyone but especially random strangers (you are such a wonderful man and I love your spirit!
  • Sweets, I love your dedication for your profession and love you show your kids in class!  It was such a wonderful privilege for daddy n I to see you in action.  Thank you for caring for the little humans you are in charge of and the difference you are making in their lives!
  • Landon, for being such a wonderful husband and hardworker. For the provisions you make for Sweets and you and the love that you have for one another.  Thank you for being a great son!
  • Boo, for being a great husband and provider.  For always induging me in what I want and enjoy.  For the love you have for me and our kids and your never, never ending committment to make a difference in the young lives you touch weekly.  I love your commmitment to put an end to child abuse!
  • For my family that I don't get to see as much as my heart desires, but that are in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday. 
  • For the beautiful big family of friends that Boo and I have been blessed with.  You enrich our lives and are such a wonderful asset to who we are!
May God bless you this Thanksgiving and may we be mindful of
God's grace on us.

For HE is wonderful and giving.  Amen

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