well now everyone has gone back to their places but we sure had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday was a crazy day due to Jacob, Sarah and Dan all arriving at different times but it quickly settled once everyone was home, so we started the night with a late movie. We went to see "the Christmas Carol" in 3D. It was pretty awesome! Thursday everyone helped with the meal and when we wound down with dinner, played a game and then Jake and Sarah both left to hang out with high school friends while Dan and I caught up on happenings. Friday, Jake and I went to a clients home to deliver some items while Sarah and Dan worked in the backyard. Dan bbq'd fajitas for dinner and Sarah had a friend over and then we watched a movie. Jake left early on Saturday since he had a noon and evening show, Dan, Sarah and I went to see "Blind Side"...excellent movie and topped it with Giovanni's for dinner. Dan left early Sunday morning while Sarah and I sewed four dresses, had dinner and then she rushed off to visit another high school friend. Today we went to Gringo's for lunch and she caught her flight back. I returned to a quiet house but quickly filled it with Christmas tunes and started the decorating for Christmas! Oh the holidays!

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