Easter Baskets

Sweets Easter basket

Meet "Diddles" Easter basket!
When I had Sar, of course I figured she needed to have the most unique Easter basket. After all, what girl wouldn't want one that's so out of the norm?  Plus, this momma had all the time in the world and she sure loved making things for her kids, and making everyday special.  I wanted to make a basket that would be around for a long time.  At the time though, the basket was quite HUGE for a baby, then toddler.  Nevermind the fact that at times while she was trying to hunt for eggs, she spent most of the time battling with carrying the silly thing than finding eggs.  And, putting all her little strength into carrying the gi-normous basket vs enjoying the actual Easter hunts or treats in it. Silly-really!
But eventually she grew into it.
Well, here she is!!!  27 years later! Her tail's a little ratty-tatty, so I'll have to do some mending.  But overall she's still got it!
I sent a picture to Sweets the other day when I pulled her down from the attic, and she wrote back...

Totally worth it, even after all these years!

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