crappy day diverted

You know those days when someone does something that really upsets you?  Well, I had one of those this afternoon.  I usually do my best of not letting things get to me.  Mostly because I don't dwell on it and because I firmly believe in the power of POSITIVE THINKING.  I also know that no situation is worse than some things that others have to suffer or deal with.  I know that and I believe that.
With that said...when I got home I was quite sad...mostly for allowing that person to make me feel that way.  A few minutes later I heard a large thump by my front door and when I opened it, there was a package on my doorstep.

It was a gift with the BEST message on it from my sweet niece Jacq!  Made me smile and tear up.  No special reason for her sending it- a "just because" gesture that, at that very moment was much needed and appreciated.  A reassurance that even though crappy days happen, there are people out there that care.  My God is amazing and I am reminded that HE is always there even in a small instance like this.  HE works thru others to get his message across. Totally evident and totally over the top!
Sweet Jacq--thank you for being the best and most thoughtful niece!  It meant so much- especially at that very second when it was most needed! Unknowingly, he used YOU as an instrument today.
besos y mas besos

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