Texas and Herbs

I wanted to share some pictures of how the Lavender and Rosemary are faring.  The weather has been almost too perfect in North Texas that each day I get home from the office, I just want to head straight to the backyard with my glass of ice-cold pineapple ginger tea and watch the bees buzz around the beautiful lavender.  I love the soothing and comforting smell of lavender!  What is it about it that makes you feel de-stressed and less anxious?
rosemary and lavender


I've trimmed off several pieces of the Rosemary to use in my cooking and you sure can't beat the fresh taste!    Boo grouped the Rosemary, Lavendar, Sage and fig tree all in the same vicinity and I can tell you that when you sit next to that area, you get the best whiff's of all combined and it makes for such a sweet fragrance.
I've actually been wondering why we didn't start a garden...but then reality sets in.  Belle doesn't like dirt, much less sweating!
I guess I will just have to enjoy the herbs that we have and frequent the Farmer's Market when it's back in action.

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