The weekend has been wonderful! Weatherwise, friendwise and workwise.  Sunny, cool breezes- who could ask for more?  Met up with friends for drinks n chats, got a much needed haircut, a little shopping while Boo was on his adoption ride.  Then we took a trip to Fish Camp for dinner (delicious btw and it was wonderful to see so many families fishing w/their little ones).  Our neighbor came over with a huge bag of tomatoes---I think she's trying to tell me that it's time for salsa making! And, it is!!! Today, slow start but then spent most of the morning helping Boo in the backyard, caught some sunrays, and then took a siesta under our oak tree.  Definitely signs of spring all around us!
new gold sandals n ring

spring scarf

neighbors tomato harvest

vege omelet n creme english tea

gorgeous view from under our oak tree

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