the mountain laurel...

My momma's dad planted some mountain laurel seeds over 80 years ago. The tree is still in my hometown and at it's original location where it was planted.  About 4 years ago, Boo picked some seeds from the tree and planted 'em.  Several little plants sprouted but now 2 of 'em are about 2' tall, but this is their first year to bloom and we are so excited. When I bent down to smell it, it brought back so many memories from my childhood- it was amazing!
Here's a look at how beautiful it is.  Now the 2 are ready to be planted in the ground.
 I sent the pics to my sister to share 'em with momma so she can see for herself!
The Texas Mountain Laurel is native to Texas and New Mexico and
it is extremely fragrant- a fragrance that resembles grape soda.

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