Counting the days...

Ooh, it's been quite awhile since I posted last.  I've been a busy woman and lots has been happening the last 2 months.  But as you can see, I'm anxiously awaiting my favorite time of year..."fall!"
I recently returned from spending a week with my "schnookums" in the Kansas City area where the weather was nearing Fall and the air had that almost and I'm right around the corner, to great cool and wonderful autumn shades all around - time.  Love everything about it!
So quess what I'll be doing in the next few days?  You got it!  Decorating the house with as many pumpkins & gourds my house can handle.
Dan's mom will be stopping for a visit in a few weeks as she makes her way back south for the winter months and gotta have the house looking its best as it will be her first visit since our move.
Quick note:  Sarah has been battling a health concern for a few months and we pray that we're on our way to finding out what exactly has been going on and ask that you keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery and as she adjusts to teaching kindergarteners.  We all know how much energy that can only require.
Along with Sarah, I ask that you keep the following people in your prayers (as I know I have many wonderful Christian readers that will do so)...
David Romo (brother in law- as he recovers from stroke and continues to do awesome)
Jesse Maldonado (brother- as he recovers from ♥ surgery)
Bonnie Jaeger (mom-in-law- as she recovers from ♥ attack)
Pat White (neighbor - battling cancer and only option is ridiculously priced medication that might not even work)
Lindsay Jones (friends daughter diagnosed with melanoma)
Gabriel Monreal (friends son that got hurt in Afghanistan)
Our Service Men n Women

God bless all~

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