Around the Homestead

It is so much fun to create a unique space by compiling your favorite pieces. Don't ever be afraid to mix n match because in the end, all that matters is that you have "your" favorite items displayed.  There is no right or wrong, just have fun with it.  That's really all that matters.

Here are a few of the touches around our new place... 
this is one of my favorite pieces of furniture I's an antique sideboard that "mr. right" bought me for our 21st anniversary and I ♥ it!  I love to add different pieces to create my own statement.
And during the holidays it holds some of my other treasured pieces.
~this is an antique trunk that one of Dan's friends gifted to him many years ago~
It holds one of my many amish baskets, this one filled with cards from loved ones, a mosaic tray that holds special memories of a dear friend from when we attended church reunions,
a ceramic cross from one of my best friends, a lamp tucked in the back for that soft glow, and an old antique clock face thats displayed on a metal stand
on the center of my dining table I have this wonderful oversized milk white porcelain pitcher that
I change out with silk flowers throughout the seasons-creates quite a focal point
these are my lovely multi-purpose boxes that I found for a great
deal a couple of years back
now they're displayed with cloth linens tucked in, antique saucers and other pieces for fun


jacqui said...

I agree with your first paragraph: sometimes in decorating, we get so caught up with decorating according to a certain style that we forget our own individuality.

I find if you simply incorporate decor that your eye is attracted to, you'll create your own unique style that is impossible for others to replicate!

Speaking of unique style, I love your floral centerpiece!

(great playlist by the way)

Belle Jaeger said...

Dear Jacqui- thank you for reading and for your comments! I totally agree and don't you just love shopping and something just "Pops" out at you? Those end up being my most valued pieces.
Thank you for stopping ~ come back soon!