Had a great start to summer!  Sweets is home and we've had fun having her home.
Saturday we went for brunch at the Fatted Calf then headed to the local shops downtown and then a pit stop at Bahama Buck's for a sno-cone.
Boo was on a ride so when he made it home we chilled around the house.
Today we slept in, Boo was on another ride.  I cleaned house some and then when Boo finally made it  in, we headed over to see "Snow White and the Huntsman".  Great flick btw!  Really enjoyed it!
Then it was home, while Sar went to shop for dinner items, (she was cooking).  A friend was stopping by so we got to visit and enjoy Sweets finely prepared meal- it was such a treat!
Teriyaki Chicken on a bed of cilantro-lime basmati and parmesan green beans.
Tomorrow, the fun continues!

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