Sar and I had a lovely lunch date with a good friend this week.  We lunched at a new place that was so cute and charming I hated to leave.  The food was absolutely delactable and no other souffle has ever tasted so wonderful.
Rise n°1 , (located in Inwood Village), had an old timey Parisian atmosphere filled with antique pieces and time period motif.  The chefs were at a short distance from our table and I had full view of their culinary skills,
I ate the Chicken Southwest souffle and had the blueberry souffle for dessert.  The other two ladies had different souffles, of course we all tried each of them and they were all fabulous.  Hope to go back for another memorable meal down the road.  If you're in Dallas---it's a "must-try!"

Afterwards Sar and I had to take a detour to Lush @ Northpark to go replenish our supply of body zen products.  Got a body and hand scrub and off we went with a bagful of goodies.

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