tree wreath

 so I had wanted to finish these for Christmas but Belle was short on time and effort...
but finally got around to putting them together!
.I think I will change out the ribbon for special holidays or to display year round or as often as I want.

cut 1/4" thick wood rounds (16 ct)
5/8" wood screws (tiny baby ones)
liquid nail
burlap fabric

I found two long thick branches while on my way to a lunch date.  Cut the wood into the rounds (I cut enough for 3 wreaths)
I then placed them on a hard surface, and arranged them to the size I wanted.  I used liquid nail to glue in place (very small amounts) to hold while you drill them together.  Makes it easier to screw down in place.  Then I made the bow (about 1 1/2" wide x 12") and attached to the top (clipped), so I can interchange whenever.

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