weekend update

Here is a sneak peek at what I've been up to this weekend!

this weekend was for:
  • Fri:
  • stomach bug  Yuck! (not wanted or enjoyed)
  • Sat:
  • started feeling better so I started removing cabinet doors in kitchen
  • sanding, painting, antiquing cabinets & finished 1/2 of my kitchen
  • went out in the evening with Boo
  • Sun:
  • more work on the kitchen cabinets (I can't wait to finish 'em up)! 
  • Phone calls to catch up with family and friends
  • making a prayer list...
Please keep these people and friends on your prayer list for the week...I would so appreciate it!
My sister-in-law, Pita (having health issues)
Aunt Merla and Uncle Earl (both in hospital with pnuemonia)
Jessica Jaeger
Friend Bonnie (recovering from broken shoulder)
Mollie Lou Melon (our little pooch), she is still not feeling well but hanging in there
My sister's brother-in-law - Gus (going thru cancer)

Have a blessed week!

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