happy birthday Jacob!

This weekend...first off, super special weekend!  Today, 28 years ago I delivered a huge baby boy that has filled my life with smiles, music and excitement (because there's never a dull moment with him around)! Happy birthday son- hope it's fabulous and that your year will be filled with unxpected surprises, blessings and more creative freedom! Love you oh so much!!!

Early this morning (2:30 to be exact), Mollie Lou Melon gave us a big scare!  I've mentioned she has liver cancer and is not doing too well.  Well last night she had a mini stroke (at least that's what it resembled), she fell down, wouldn't move - was very limp and lay there for about an hour, while I sat on the floor stroking her.  She finally got up on her own and came back to bed with us.  I hope she won't suffer much longer- it's so hard to watch.

It's a beautiful Saturday filled with sunshine- so Belle is finishing up her kitchen cabinets! YAY!!!  I will have a new kitchen by tomorrow and I will post pics as soon as I get it all decorated and put together.

May your day be filled with awesomeness!!!

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