gifts of amore

It started out like this...
a few weeks ago Dan asked if I thought that mom could crochet him a scarf.  Well I said, "I'm sure mom would love to, but she said she is starting to have trouble doing it now after all these years, but doesn't hurt to ask her."  But I also told him, I could make it, to which he laughed and said, "yeah right, cause you know how."  We got the yarn, and after a few days, I pulled out the yarn and started his scarf (mainly to show him that I could).
See?  Mom actually taught us all how to crochet when we were younger, I've maybe done two or three crocheted items in that time.  As you can see here, I've got a long ways to go on this scarf...but I've been able to prove to my husband that I can. (Brings me sweet satisfaction)!
Anyway, one thing I love to decorate and have presentable at all times is my dining room table.  So after Christmas was put away I did just that. I knew I wanted to put my favorite tablecloth on it.  (Back track a little)...when I was a child, mom was ALWAYS crocheting something.  I never really payed much attention to what she was making until one day when I was about 11 years old.  I had come in from playing and stopped and asked mom what she was working on cause it caught my eye.  (I  still remember the day). She said she didn't really know what it would be, but she worked on it for quite some time. Then I never saw it again.  Eleven years later, on my wedding day, I opened this huge box from her and when I opened it, I immediately knew it was the pattern she had worked on so long ago.  It was a huge tablecloth that she had set aside for my wedding present. 
She told me she was surprised that as a child I actually payed attention to that one pattern --she knew it was meant for me. I love - love- love that memory and her doing that!  Each time I see it, especially since I've been working on this little scarf, I think of all the years, the hours and thoughtfulness that went into each piece she has given all of us.  She has crocheted each of us tablecloths, afghans, doilies, shawls, you name it!  And, us girls got a pair of crocheted gloves that we wore on our wedding day that are so beautiful as well. But most importantly, she took the time to teach each of us in case we ever wanted to carry on that tradition.  Gotta love her! 
When I was talking to her a few days ago, I told her this story -- about the scarf and how I'm reminded of her work when I see my crocheted items and she especially laughed when I told her that Dan said the winter would probably be over before he gets his scarf!  To which she said, "put love into it."
Of course mom~

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