Happy Memorial Day weekend all!

Isn't it wonderful when you start your day with a phone call from one of your babies? Jake called me before he headed to work and it sure was nice to chat. How I love my kids!
I had several things on my agenda but sometimes things just don't get accomplished. Work and errands and then home to bake. But I called a friend I just made a month ago to touch base. She invited me over to visit and when I realized I'd been there longer than anticipated, I headed back home. Didn't get my other errands done since the holiday traffic was already getting crazy. But I am doing the baking! One of our new neighbors wife is in the hospital and I've been meaning to take some baked good over there so I couldn't put that off any longer. First time to use this oven, so we shall see...& Abba on accu-radio helps! LOL I'm making hummingbird cake--yum!
Next, catching up on emails, calls, and movie night when Dan gets home. Furniture shopping is in store for the weekend. Lord help us with the crowds at the stores-hopefully they'll be at the movies and not furniture stores! Safe weekend y'all!

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