Ceiling Medallion

If you've ever wanted to add a special touch to your light fixture--consider a ceiling medallion.
My suggestion...a polyurethane ceiling medallion.  They are lightweight, pre-primed and are water and mildew proofed.  It's made of a very thick polyurethane foam that comes ready to paint.  I chose an 18" medallion (dependent on the size of light fixture).  This is the BEFORE.
Keep in mind that you can paint it any color you choose. They're very forgiveable and easy!
I chose a dark wood tone acrylic, applied 2 coats and then rubbed some antiqueing bronzer ont it for a final shimmer.  The hardest part about this was cutting the center out for the installation of the light fixture.  *Use a very sharp knife for this!
The instructions say to apply caulk for adhering to the ceiling.  Although I cut the hole smaller so that the light fixture canopy would sit about 1/4" all the way around. Once I made that allowance and placed the light fixture over it, it held just snug enough to the ceiling it didn't need an adhesive.
Here's the AFTER!

It adds a nice "wow" factor to your light piece!

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