King Size Headboard project

When Boo n I first got married, he went out and bought a beautiful queen size bed and dresser for me as a present.  Many years later... when he moved to start work with the new company, he went out and bought a king size bed.  However, I told him not to buy a headboard because I've always wanted to build one. 
Three years after the king size bed purchase, I finally got around to building it.
 Boo and I went and bought the supplies I needed so I could get to work early the next day.
I had a day off today and I knew the weather was going to be lovely so I didn't waste any time.
Here's the diagram I had drawn up sometime back, (thank goodness I still have drafting skills)!
Then recently I saw this headboard at Restoration Hardware and I liked the
little shelf brackets at the top so I made a few changes to my original diagram.

Here are pics of my day project.

you can see where trim did not match up to bracket, so I whittled away

you can see the outcome here, a much better fit and look

before priming I used a hammer and meat cleaver to ding the boards for character

all primed and ready for paint

with top shelf and painted up

Materials used:
30x80 hollow core door panel
6 ct 1x4x8 for legs
1 ct 1x8x8 for top shelf
1 ct 1/2"x2"x8 slat
1 ct 4" moulding strip
4 ct wood brackets (I already had)
1 1/2" wood screws
liquid nail
wood putty
Total for my project:  $72.00
Price for RH headboard and bed frame: $2695

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Becky 10e said...

I love it. You are so talented. Absolutley Beautiful.