Catching Up has been busy lately!  What's going on?  I thought that when my kids grew
up, my life would slow down.  Whatever!
Can't do much complaining though, my life is wonderful and I thank God for it, everyday!
So anyway...we took sometime off to take a trip to Tulsa over the weekend and meet up with
the newlyweds, which by the way will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary and I can't believe it!
We had a great time, as you can see.

Boo was the photographer and he's always a goober. At least the one I took of the
kids was better! Lol

On our trip we:
  • Missed Michelle Keenan Liner
  • Passed by Kupcakz and never made it back-darn!
  • Dinner at Kilkenny's and had a blast
  • Breakfast together before heading back on Sunday
  • laughed a lot!
sure love our kids!

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