Gourd centerpiece

I ♥ Fall!
And, I am so ready for everything that comes along with it.  Cooler weather, the feeling in the air, the colors and knowing that the holidays are right around the corner!
Several years ago, Boo and I were on a mini vacation and found a local farmer that grew gourds and sold them at a little stand in town.  I bought several of them to use for decorating purposes.  So today I decided that I wanted to try to cut one of the larger ones to use as a centerpiece.  So I pulled out my wonderful fancy shmanzy dremel that Boo gave me at Christmas.  I drew a line where I wanted to cut it and away we (Boo had to help a little) went!

Here's what it looked like, hollowed out.  And here's what it looks like all dressed up!
Notice the "BOO" sign I found a couple of years ago. 
It's now ready for my Halloween meals and Boo's upcoming birthday!

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