burlap vine wreath

My Sweets knew her hubby would be coming thru town, so she asked if  I would make her a
wreath similar to one she found on Etsy for $35.  So, why not!

Mine though cost under $5 to make. It turned out pretty cute-didn't it?
I had the majority of the supplies except the wreath (40% HL for $2.33) and the pearls (HL $1.77)

Make the burlap & netting flowers (after numerous burns from hot glue stix & the most time-consuming task) by cutting long 1" strips of burlap.  Next you fold in half and twist while rolling it around and around, all while hot gluing it along the way. I made numerous ones in different sizes and then glued the pearl in the center.
Now cut out some free handed burlap leaf shapes and burlap loops and set aside.
I trimmed up a base out of cardboard to mount the arrangement of flowers on. (Basically, I cut a piece that would fit all the flowers, loops and leaves on and cut it in a semi-circle shape. Now you're ready to glue them all onto the base. Now allow it to cool off, then proceed with attaching that to the wreath.
*I used my "handy-dandy longer than life needle" (shown above), and twine to attach it to the wreath for extra permanency!  Now you're ready to loop twine at the top for hanging and you're done!

Awesome!  and less than $5!

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