lovin' on silver

Several years ago while antiquing, I found this platter on the bottom of a box full of crap. 
Obviously, unloved! 
I asked the vendor how much they wanted for it and he said $3.  I knew it was a Wm Rogers and $3 was a steal! Brought it home and there it sat in a cupboard waiting for when I had the time to show it affection.
So fast forward to the future and a future with "Mr. Clean magic erasers"!
I was reading about the many uses of these little foam wonders and it said you could use them to clean up almost anything.  So I thought about my platter.
 You can see in the above picture on the left side how the eraser made a difference with a little elbow grease. Unfortunately it didn't completely clean it, so I went online and found the method (pic below), of combining baking soda with boiling water and soaking the item.
Again, made a small dent but not enough to really get it to shine.  So I resorted to my
vinegar (awesome household item) and baking soda.  (When in doubt, I use vinegar)! Made a paste and after about an hour of rubbing and rinsing, I finally had a happy plate!
 My thought while polishing this baby up was to whoever did this to this piece of silver--- if you don't plan on lovin' on it people- don't waste your money! Leave it to people who appreciate the workmanship and beauty of it!
Happy at home and ready to serve!

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