Next week proves to be a tad chaotic so this will probably have to be my Thanksgiving post.  Thanksgiving reminds me of my dad because it was his favorite holiday.  I'm not sure if it was the colors of the season, the turkey dinner or the focusing on thankfulness that he liked about it or the fact that he had such a big family and it was a time for all of us to be together. Nonetheless, it's a sweet memory of my daddy.  As I've mentioned on previous posts each fall, I love the colors, the air, the anticipation of cooler weather and the tone-setting for the other holidays that are at a heals distance behind Thanksgiving.
I have prepared maybe a handful of turkeys and I always freak-out, literally because it's intimidating to me. Surprising- I know, because I love to cook! Why does a turkey scare me?  Perhaps cause I've watched this movie every Christmas and laugh until I think I'm gonna pop a lung.

And then think---geez, that would be dreadful if I served a turkey like that! LOL!
So then I start planning on a smaller scale, like a turkey breast or pray that everyone will want a ham (cause I bake an awesome ham), even brisket? Anyone???  But no.
So while I reluctantly fret over turkey, I guide myself back to thinking "hey, this is about being with family and giving thanks and not stressing over the bird, so get a grip!" My family will still appreciate the effort and will just be thankful to be together and not laugh about the time I did cook a turkey breast and 5 hours later it was still not cooked and everything else was getting cold so we ate the turkey afterwards. Right?
So back to the main focus...I am thankful for
  • the freedom I enjoy and the soldiers that provide it
  • my God
  • my family
  • my job
  • my friends
  • my health
  • my home
  • my country
  • little humans
  • the freedom to do whatever I choose
  • and the freedom to dream
God bless each of you and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

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