So Friday evening I'm catching up on emails and helping a client find tile, Dan comes in and says he has to go to a function with BACA.  So I say, "okay be careful and I love you."  He heads out and then texts me in about 40 minutes and says I'm done and headed back.  When he walks in the door I ask him how it went and he says "fine, but the girl was a brat."  I'm confused cause Dan loves those kids but then behind him, I see Sarah squirming out from around the corner.  Yay, Sarah was a delightful surprise visitor for the weekend!  He'd actually driven to the airport to go pick her up.

She decided to come home to visit.  So we sat and did just that until we were too tired to talk anymore. Saturday her and I met her friend Em and baby Kinsey (that's them and her lovin' on that little doll), at a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and Dan joined us when he made it back into town. Then it was off to Firewheel Town Center.  A stop at James Avery, then dinner and a late night of some more catching up.  Drove her to the airport early this morning so she could catch a 10:45 flight home in time to meet her n Landon's new niece Liora.
Love you sweetie and thank you for the awesome surprise!  muah~

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