Cute memory

I bought this military shovel at an antiques place a long time ago.  I love old things and when I saw this in that particular store, I just had to have it.  For many years it's resting place was in a corner near our front door.  One day in particular, it was sunny and cool and my husband had decided to go and get a truck-full of mulch to landscape with.  I had noticed at one point that all the neighborhood kids were out playing in the yards. Our little (favorite) neighbor, who must've been 4 at the time, used to just come over and enter the house whenever he wanted to...it was our policy.  He'd either come in to see what we were up to, for a glass of iced tea in his favorite glass or just wanted to play with Mollie (our dog). I had been cleaning the inside of the house when the front door flys open and there's the little guy!  But he turned the corner and grabbed the shovel from its spot and started out the front door.  I called after him and said, "hey you, what's up?"  He turned around with an angry look on his face and said, "all those other kids are helping Boo and they won't let me cause they said I can't use a shovel cause it's too big for me."  I died laughing, cause all those times he came over, I never even knew that my little shovel had caught a childs eye as it once caught mine in the antique store. He finished using it and then returned it right back to its spot.
When I unpacked the "little shovel" yesterday, I enjoyed that memory.  I think of that everytime I look at it now.

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