Caramelized Onions

I remember a long time ago our daughter was probably still in high school and I had prepared a casserole for dinner. Me, being the onion lover that I am, loaded the casserole with onions. She actually forked out every piece of onion out of her serving while saying, "geeze Mom could you have put more onions in here?" She's grown up now and guess what? She loves onions and has learned to appreciate their taste and nutritional value.
Onions taste especially good grilled but I wanted to share how to caramelize them to put on sandwiches, a steak, or even by themselves. Yes! Cause they're that good!
Caramelizing helps bring out the best flavors of an onion and is very easy to do.
1. You want to start by cutting your onions in big slices.
2. Add 1 t. of olive oil (per onion) to a hot skillet. (I like to mix in red onions & being a Valley girl...I prefer the 1015's as their naturally sweeter but any variety will do).
3. Continue to cook on medium heat and stirring every few minutes adding a sprinkle of salt or sugar to taste, (this helps with the caramelizing also).
4. Lower heat once they begin to brown and allow to caramelize. Being careful not burn or stick to pan.
Simple and easy and oh so good. When cooled and IF you have leftovers you can put them in an airtight container in your fridge to use later.

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