hope you're having a great start to a delightfully sunny weekend! I woke up earlier than usual this morning to go to the tax office to get my car sticker because when I tried yesterday, there must have been a 100 people in there along with a lady with 4 very unruly kids. One of my greatest pet peeves are parents that don't discipline. This lady got one of the kids a Big Red after he wouldn't stop yelling while the other one was running thru peoples legs, stepping on feet, and so on. The Big Red kid decided to throw a bigger fit and threw the soda across the room with it bursting and splashing on the wall and getting several people sprayed w/red soda. She didn't apologize or reprimand the kid or clean up the mess. The lady behind the counter patiently got up, paper towels in hand, got down on her knees and cleaned the mess. I bit my tongue and that's when I walked out. So needless, to say this morning I waited in the cold for 30 minutes until they opened just so that I could avoid stupid moms! I decided to go Forney afterwards to visit some possible vendors and got to meet some nice folks and spent some time antiquing (Forney is the antique capital of this fine state). Now getting ready for our anniversary weekend! Tata!

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