wedding guests

When it came time to think about the guests signing in at the wedding reception, Sweets wanted something entirely different.  We had tried out the vintage typewriter at one of her showers and found
that would take too long for the guests to get through the line, so we nixed that.
Sweets decided on a tree silouhette painted on a 16x20 canvas, she freehanded the tree. 
We then had a friend help the guests get their thumbprints in different fall colored paints,
wrote their names next to their thumbprint with a fine point sharpie, and voíla!

It was fun and turned out beautifully!  I wish I had afinal picture of it to share with you. 
It has it's place on the couple's wall at home now and it's a beautiful reminder of all
the wonderful guests that shared in the special day!

Made by:  Bride
Cost: $7.00

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