Years ago my bff's and I got together and made an enormous amount of pecan pralines for one of the girls (the first one in the groups daughters to marry).  Hence the tradition began.  So I knew that we would have Texas pecan pralines as one of the favors for the guests.  But, since the groom was from an entirely different state, I thought of having the future-in-laws make jelly using the fruit from L's farm in Missouri.
Here's the harvesting (Damien obviously just watching)
Mini Apple and Pear Jelly
(this is just a small portion of the final big batch)
 Used my cricut to make some tie-on tags out of kraft paper
 Stamped the backside with the couples last name
 Tied some natural jute on each
 Ordered some custom labels for the pralines and for the jellies
 The cute little outcome... an awesome and tasty favor for every guest!
Made by: KnN Burke, the bff's, and MOB

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