ghillie and more's been busy the last two weeks!!!  So much I hadn't had time to post :(
What's been going on?
First off...well Boo got him a new bike...this sweet little Harley!  Him and I drove to Temple one day to go pick it up.  I think, NO...I KNOW he is quite in love!
Anyone out there want a bike?  He's putting his Kaw up for sale soon. We don't have room in our garage for two BIG Hogs!
If you're a biker and you want to ride for a good's one good reason comin' up in September, so you have time to plan...
Sweets started school this week and I think she's in love as well.  Her and L moved into their new place and I think Damien (grandpup) finally remembers having been born there and living there with Sweets many years ago.  L had a birthday and they celebrated by having friends over, burgers on the grill and homemade cupcakes. 
this is L's birthday gift from his wife...a ghillie suit!  Bah, he looks hysterical!

Sweets' classroom all decked out for her babies!
Bubs had his first solo show and the place was packed, people were on their feet and the crowd loved him and his tunes!  He broke a string during the last song and he didn't miss a beat!  Way to go son!  He's getting ready to record a video for his solo album he will be recording---will keep you posted!

Me, busy, busy and more busy!  But, I made time for a well deserved haircut, mani-pedi this past week, worked on some projects (pics later), finished organizing the new office, cleaned out some closets and got them totally organized, even made time to attend some design trainings (webinar's)  thank goodness for technology! Now off to finish another project, a movie with the hubby later today and plan the menu for dinner (having a friend over tomorrow), (code for having to go grocery shopping---my least fav thing in the world) I would actually rather wash windows---really!
Stay blessed!

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