Boy!  Life has been busy lately.  Sometimes it's hard to believe that the days and months just seem to vanish in an instant.  Then before you know it, another little milestone, anniversary, birthday, or holiday has come and gone.  I don't like it when my life rushes by--I like to savor each moment the good Lord has given me.  But it really can't be helped at times.  I was sitting in the peaceful and much welcomed quiet and found myself thinking of the beautiful highlights of my week.
  • My son-in-law left his old job and started his new one this week.  I am so happy for him and Sweets!  He won't have to travel anymore and they can spend some much deserved time together.  I am so happy and excited for them.
  • Sweets started back at a new school, new town and new students.  She is loving her new job and I know she will be the best that she can be!
  • Jacob is doing fantastic and I can't help but smile so big when he tells me how wonderfully he's doing and his excitement for his current place in his life.
  • Boo has such a huge heart and when I see him kneel down on the ground to be eye level with a child (like he did today), it reminds me why I love him so much!  But just as much when he gases up my car each Saturday (like he has every Saturday for the past 32 years), I am so thankful and don't take it or him for granted.  I smile when I happen to glance over and see that he took time to do that for me.
  • one of our many "picnic" outings
  • But my favorite highlight of the week...was when I was driving home a different route this week and passed a momma and her child sitting and having a picnic at a small park---it put a smile on my face because I don't see that often but I did that with my babies once every 2 weeks when they were young and I stayed home with them. Those are some of my favorite memories of them when they were little! I would gather the picnic basket, pack up the kids and just let them have fun.  They absolutely loved "picnic days".

I am thankful for memories, my beautiful family and the little surprises that happen in our lives even amongst the chaos and hurried moons and suns.


Anonymous said...

Seems like you spent lots of fun times with your kids while they were growing up. What advice can you give a young stay at home mom?

Belle Jaeger said...

Susie first off, you will never have another job more rewarding than raising and staying home with your babies. Plan fun activities with your kids, I always had summers planned with different lessons, too many to comment here. But I will put some more info on a post later and hope you get a chance to come back and read it. Overall, make memories with them. I am amazed when my (now grown) kids, remember some of the fun things we did together. It's so rewarding. Thank you for reading and stay posted!