august rush

August is here and with it...the beginning of lots of things. First off and very EXCITED about this one...
  •  Jacob will have his first show this weekend as he ventures out on his own, performing all his own music, under his own name.  I know it will be an awesome show.  So happy for him!  He  has a great set of musicians playin' back up.
  • School will begin soon and kiddos are certainly out and about with their parents (at least all the stores I went to on Saturday)!  Been workin' on some wonderful teacher gifts for my wonderful teacher friends.  Sweets is diligently working on her new classroom and I know deep down inside she is thrilled about this little blessing in disquise!  I still feel bad that this was the first time I have not been able to go help her get her class ready but I am certain she's doing a marvelous job on her own---she's quite creative!  Before she left back I sent her home with a box full of supplies for her babies, (clipboards for each student, pencils, erasers, etc). 
  • A HUGE happy birthday to my sweet family members this Daniel, Landon and Sweets!

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