old windows meet new home

This little opening from the kitchen to living room was a challenging setup.
I knew I wanted to repaint the cabinets and antique them, switch out all the light fixtures,
remove the navy tile accents on the stove backsplash (they just had to go)!
But that opening still left me prodding at my creative juices.
I remembered I had these two antique windows that Boo bought me on one of his trips to Dallas
several years ago.  So...

I made this little decor montage of  accent pieces paired with the old windows to give that opening a grand touch and vo√≠la!
I am in L♥ve with it!
After all, I love to mix old with new, vintage with antique!


Anonymous said...

Those turned out great Momma!

Belle Jaeger said...

THANKS baby girl! Wait til you see the deck! ~besos