wood tray project

Went shopping at HomeGoods the other day and picked up this cool wooden tray on their clearance rack for $5.00!  Wasn't really sure what purpose it would serve but figured I could breathe some fancy life into it.
So out came my craft supplies, paint, mod podge, foam brush, crackling medium and
assortment of scrapbook paper.
The color scheme I picked was because I'm getting ready to revamp and organize my pantry and have a vintage "newspapery" and "writing" thought for it.  So I went with blacks, creams and white.
I measured and cut the paper for each section first and allowed a 1/4" gap around each section.
I set the paper aside so I could start on the painting part.
But here's what it looks like!
I base coated it with white so after the crackling part you will get a glimpse of white
showing thru the black.
After applying the crackling medium over the white, I let it dry completely before
applying the black.  You can see I didn't paint the entire bottom of the tray since it will be covered
up with paper.
 Here are the items I used.
I used my cricut to cut out some small details to add to it. I chose a bright terracotta color paper for the heart and then trimmed up a bird. I also added some other patterned pieces for depth.
If you look closely, you can see some of the crackling on the left side of the photo and can see how the white base shows thru.
TADA...the final project looks so cute!
Now to find a perfect use for it!

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