earthly goodbye's

Sometimes life delivers some blows that we just feel we will never be able to get through.  The last two weeks have been so undescribably hard to swallow.   And I'm writing about it because I know that writing about my feelings helps me get through difficult times. 
My niece Shayna, shown below, passed away 2 weeks ago.  She was 33. Shayna was the type of girl that had the perfect smile and when she came in a room-she lit it up and you knew it.  She was loud, boisterous, had an amazing laugh and always, always when I saw her- she wanted to know what was going on "IN YOUR LIFE."
However, Shayna battled with her own personal life and for many of her young years.  Shayna decided to take her life, cause life was just too hard for her.  A hole is there that will never be filled.  I hurt for her mom, dad and siblings. 

Jess, my other beautiful girl battled with cancer.  Jess past away Sunday.  This picture was taken a few weeks ago when Boo and I went to see her.  I will miss Jess dearly for she was the closest person I have ever met to mirror an angel here on earth.  When I was talking to Jacob a few days before her passing he said that same thing.  When we shared some memories of Jess we each said that we NEVER heard Jess say a bad thing about another person, we never saw her lose her temper and we never witnessed her to be unkind to another human being.  The perfect example of what we should all strive to be.  She was our beautiful EXAMPLE here on earth.
While it is not my place to question why certain things or events happen in our lives, we are human and we hurt and we feel anger, and we want to know WHY?
I believe that someday we will be given those answers and that with time we will heal.  But our selfish selves want them here with us, right or wrong.
  I loved both of these sweet girls very much.
I am thankful for our last visit with Jess, that I chose to crawl in bed with her, to listen to her breath, to tell her that I loved her and make her favorite cookies.
Both Shayna and Jess had too short a life but made such an impact in those they touched. 
Shayna, I hope you have found the peace you longed for, that you are leading that angel choir with your gift of music, and sharing your brilliant smile.
Jess, I hope you are healthy, vibrant and at peace.
Our love for you will live forever!
We ask for your prayers for all of us but mainly for their earthly parents.  God bless!

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