neither rain, sleet nor snow

Friends and I made our way to Gruene this weekend and neither rain, sleet or snow kept us from having gone.  When we arrived it started sleeting, and while we were wondering what the day would hold, we stuck to our schedule of shopping (lots), going to eat and watching my boy.  Shortly afterwards it remained cold but not uncomfortable.
The show was phenomenal, the guys even got a couple of standing ovations for some of their very well written new songs.  They sold several CD's and mom even helped manage the sales.
Bubs doing what he does best!
 Jacob had written a couple of new songs that I had only heard him sing and play on but they were amazing with the whole band performing them.  One of his new ones, "My Oft Forgotten Master" was one of the tunes that had  several people on their feet for applause.  I am so proud of this guy and the success him and the band are having.  Awesome show son!!!
Of course while in Gruene, what else does one do but shop and eat!
The girls and I headed over to the Gristmill after our shopping excursions.  We treated ourselves to their famous onion rings and a nice late lunch.

Melanie, Davilyn, myself  n Katie
Headed home we were met with rain and snow flurries but we all agreed that we were happy we went and that we wouldn't have missed it for anything!
We had such a great time!

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