A couple of years back when I was shopping at a cute little shop in Austin--- (I ♥ that town!!!), I came upon LUSH!  Lush are handmade products (all organic) for your skin, hair, and body.  I loved the bar I bought for soaking in the tub. It was fragrant and so soothing.  So at Christmas I ordered this box full of products to share with Sweets.  I have to say that every item I have used, I love!!!  But my favorite is the karma shampoo bar.  It makes my thick hair smell fantastically fresh and makes my hair soft and full of volume! I thought at first that the little round sliver of shampoo was quite pricey at $10, but I have used it several times, (about 10x's) and it still is about 1/4 used up.  
Sar loves the items she's used just as much.
My other fav is the bubble bars.
So right now, I am so ready to go jump in the tub for a nice soak!

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