Offer a helping hand...

Spent the day shopping and picking out granite for a client, then happened to run into Target to grab some items I needed at home. When I was coming out I noticed two cars down from me a teenager laying on the pavement next to his car, (it was 93 degrees out), with jumper cables hooked to his battery. Obviously needing a jump. So I asked him if he did and he jumped and seemed really relieved and said "yes." I asked him how long he'd been waiting and he said 30 minutes and I was the only person to offer to help. Shame on people! As I was walking out I noticed a man pass right by him as well as a young couple that ended up being parked on the other side of him. They didn't even glance over. What is wrong here? It so happened that he had a bad battery and decided him and his little sister and dog would walk to their aunts house a few blocks away. I told them to jump in and I would drive them. While I was driving them home I asked him what he did and he said he was in college studying theology. Which I followed with..."were you praying someone would respond to your need?" He smiled and said "yes." I told him that despite the example all the others that passed him by had set today, that there are still more "good people" out there than "bad."
Let's offer a hand and prove to him that's a fact and never miss an opportunity to make a good impression on young people.

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