Yellow Pages ~ Super Pages

Do these people not know that the majority of humans no longer resort to a phone book to look up info? I know there are some people out there that don't have internet or know how to use it, but really? I can honestly tell you that the last time I searched in an actual paper phone book was probably 8 yrs ago. 95% of my searches are done online- the other 5...I ask.
A few weeks ago, while we were frantically loading boxes and transporting them to n fro, we had rec'd a note from the postman saying Dan had a package at the post office that needed to be picked up. So several days later, after me reminding him numerous times, he made it to the post office. Guess what his package was? Two phone books! Phone books we did not request but sent to him nonetheless.
Dan told the postman he would not be taking them and his comment..."sir, you have to take these, it's against the law for us to keep them." To which Dan replied, "I didn't order them, therefore, dispose of them, recycle,whatever you want, but I will not be taking them." The postman was furious but kept them nonetheless. Geeze!!!
Yellow pages & Super Pages, why not send them out ONLY if they are requested?

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