Crayons recycled

Thanks to Pinterest and my teacher friend Katie (she gave me 2 gallon sized bags of broken crayons)
 - I made these wonderful recycled heart rainbow crayons.
I made them for Sar's little classroom of darlings as a treat for Valentine's Day.
The unwrapping of paper is very tedious! I thought I would never be done with them!
So, do it sitting down while watching a show or something!
However, I love recycling - repurposing and this is a great use of old crayons.
One thing I did differently, was when I pulled them out of the oven, I set on cooling rack for about 5 minutes, then put in freezer for 5 minutes and they popped right out. Then I could move on to the next batch.  As the pan only held 6 at a time, I needed to rush it along.
I got 38 crayon hearts out of the 2 gallon bags of crayons.
Unwrap & break into small pieces
Fill individual cups & bake for 14 min. at 220 degrees.

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