come on in

Gotta love the things available to enhance the "not-so pretty" things. 
When we moved into the house, I made a list of all the things I'm gonna change. 
One of those things is to replace our front door.  The existing one is a low quality one.  However, with that said, have you priced doors?  They're not cheap.  So in the meantime, I decided
 I was tired of looking at it (I do that a lot), and spruced it up a bit.
After all, it's only a day project if you're having cooperating weather!

I had all the supplies on hand that I needed for painting.  Then I made the vinyl cutout.
 (I already had a variety of vinyl sheets in different colors).
See the difference?
I think it looks a whole lot more inviting & prettier---cost: $0
 Now it just needs my pretty wood wreath on it & it will do for now.

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