Antiquing weekend

Hooray for antiques!!!  One of our favorite pastimes.  Dan and I love to antique shop and since moving here we really hadn't had a chance to go out and find some places.  In Houston we had many little places that I frequented and lots of local small towns that carried a great selection of pieces.  I miss that!!!  When we moved here, I had read that Forney, TX, in 1987 had such a strong antique industry that the state legislature designated it as the Texas antique capital.  I was so pumped! Well, perhaps in 1987 when it was at it's best...however we have been there numerous times and it's far from that.  The few stores that are still in existence, have the same things and same prices---reason, too high for anyone to buy and it just isn't affordable.  Also, a 1980 pyrex is by no means to me, an antique and then one you would pay $30 for.  Come on!!!

So after making yet another trip yesterday and being sorely disappointed- Dan and I decided that the metro plex area has to have some awesome places.  Well, we found two today that we will certainly go back.

My find of the day...a set of 6 wooden chargers for my "Fall" table!  Price...$18.00!!! They are made out of a rare Haitian wood (Taverneau) and each charger is stamped and numbered.  I found (1) charger starting at $19 plus $10 shipping on Ebay.

See the scratches on the one pictured?  Not to worry---Belle will be sanding these babies down and applying some much needed lemon oil to make that wood shine like it was meant to.  I am one happy girl!

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