sad news from vet

Took Ms. Mollie Lou Melon to the vet on Monday cause she has changed in the last 2 weeks...
first, she started getting very particular about the foods she eats
started losing weight
had a few accidents around the house (something she never does)
acted confused
then her little legs were very wobbly
Prognosis from bloodwork done... she has liver disease (also known as liver cancer)
We are so sad and I have cried off and on all day, just thinking about it.
Doc said not much can be done since it's pretty advanced.
She has been such a wonderful part of our family and I hate to think that one day (very soon) she will not be a part of it.
Prayers please, dear followers! They would be much appreciated.

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Wanda said...

We will be praying for your sweet dog--I know how difficult that can be. Make her happy and comfy!