Sunday I decided to go to Starbuck's to get me a tea before my mani.  Reason for Starbuck's being that I have $70 worth of gift cards to the place, although I'm not a fan or coffee drinker.  But I do love teas!  I went up to the counter (and to be honest), it's quite overwhelming for me to attempt to order anything there  because, a...too many choices, b...don't know the difference between latte-mocha-etc., and me "grande" would stand for the largest but NO!  So anyway...I'm at the counter and the little girl asks what I would like to order, I ask her to give me a minute while I stare at the menu and she says..."Starbuck's newbie huh?" I laugh and tell her that I am but I explain that I don't like coffee but love tea.  She makes me a wonderful cup of "green tea latte non-fat skinny"...whatever. She apologized for the comment about being a newbie- which I in turn told her it was no big deal.  I laughed as I walked away, tea in tow.
Today I go to Kroger to buy our Christmas brunch ingredients and the kid tells me I have a lot of accumulated gas points and since they've just added a gas station there, it will save me quite a bit. It so happens that Dan fills it up every Saturday but this past Saturday---too much going on.
I drive over and decide to get gas myself...ha!  If you know me, you know that's a joke!  For all our married years, Dan gets gas in my vehicle and the times (maybe 6 in the last 31 years) that I have gotten it, there's usually a story- cause it's a little foreign to me.
I pull up and the lady in the glass enclosure smiles from behind there and by the time I'm standing in front of the gas pump- she is standing next to me asking if I need help.  "Why?" I ask.
"Well, m' just looked as though you might."  Hmmm...again I laughed and I explained that the hubby usually does this.  She said - "mine used to as well."  While I was very thankful that she stepped out to help me (and thank God she did- the pumps are very high-tech), I wished her a Merry Christmas and told her I appreciated her help and couldn't help but wonder what happened to her hubby.
Either way, I am wondering if my face is starting to tell more of what I am thinking- if so, I'm in BIG trouble! LOL

ps-thank you sweetie for always taking care of filling up my car!

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