care packages

I still send care packages to the kids or if I happen to see them, I hand them to them.  Well when we went to catch Jacob's show in Gruene last weekend, I had put together some homemade granola and about 30 some white choco macadamian nut cookies. As we were parting ways, Dan handed the bag to him and a few days later as we were talking on the phone, I asked him how he liked his treats.  He said, what treats? LOL Well someone or the trash got a nice surprise!  I told him I was glad I didn't put something valuable in there because it would've been gone.  Sheesh!!!

Well a few weeks ago I bought Sarah these cute silver flats and the t-'s below. 
I sent her the t-'s but held on to the flats cause their gonna go with her Easter dress I bought her and she gets to come home for Easter---so I'm very excited.
Hopefully we won't find those in any dumpster----lol!

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