"he's not my boyfriend anymore"...

I have been so excited for our daughter Sarah and her fiancé, Landon. They were engaged on Saturday, January 22nd.  She told me soon after, how she was having a discussion with someone and when she was going to refer to Landon - it occurred to her..."he's not my boyfriend anymore!"  Oh the joys of wedding planning, engagements, and everything wonderful that goes along with it.
But truth be told, it's also about the excitement in sharing & helping our little girl have the wedding of her dreams and all the sweet moments that go with it.
Dan and I will celebrate 30 years in March and wow- have things changed since!  We've had numerous late night plannings and conversations and to that we add...Skyping!  Wedding planning over Skyping---how's that for a new wedding-planning twist? 
I love it!  How else would I see the excitement and anticipation in her face if it weren't for Skype.
So, on we continue for many months of fun, planning and making wonderful memories like these!
the happy couple

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