Devics NMO...milk 'n cookies

I am writing this in hope that my readers and followers will be so moved to help a lovely young lady.
Meet Lauren Crow, in her mission to bring awareness to an unkindly disease...Devics NMO and help in her efforts to raise funds for her treatment.
So here's my thought...
before heading out to Starbuck's for a $5 coffee or any fast food place for a meal...think about ordering some wonderfully unique cookies. Then- grab you a cold glass of milk, read Lauren's story and help with this effort. How???
 LAUREN'S MOM has her own site where you can order these amazing cookies!!! Oh, and don't just consider Valentine's Day!  You can order for any occassion, and it's mom's way of helping fund Lauren's treatment Check these out...
Fantastic aren't they???  Pay it forward folks, and do a kindly deed today!  Think of your own daughter, sister, grandchild or friend.
Lauren, I hope to stay in touch with you and your mom.  Know that God is with you every step of the way.  May HIS amazing healing power be with every individual that will help, heal, touch, direct and guide you in your journey, is my prayer.  A friend in Christ~


sweetcreationsbykimberly said...

Belle, thank you so much for posting about our cause. May the Lord bless you richly!

Belle Jaeger said...

You're welcome Kimberly! It is my prayer that word about Lauren will get out and help her raise the funds necessary for her cure and help spread awareness of the disease-God speed

Lauren said...

Thank you so very much Belle. You and Dan are wonderful and we will most definitely stay in touch. It's a blessing to have met you guys through this process.

Belle Jaeger said...

Our prayers will continue Lauren. Can't wait to see you reach your goal! God bless~